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The Clan Ramsay Genealogy Project
Ramsay/Ramsey DNA Project
Ramsay/Ramsey One-Name Study

The Clan Ramsay Genealogy Project

Although Clan Ramsay International was not formed for genealogical purposes, many of our members are interested in tracing their roots. We have a Clan Genealogist who maintains a database of the ancestry of our members and provides some assistance to those interested in their ancestry. Find out more on the Genealogy page.

The Clan Ramsay Genealogy project’s mission is to foster the spirit of kinship and pride existing among all who have Ramsay ancestry, regardless of spelling. Clan family names include: Ramsay, Ramsey, Dalhousie, Ramsay of Bamff, Ramsay of Balmain, Maule, Brecheen, and Brechin. The clan genealogy database was established in 1997 to provide a clearinghouse for Ramsay family data and history.

The Clan Ramsay genealogy database was created using The Master Genealogist by Wholly Genes, Inc.

Accessing the Information

Submitting Information


The Clan Genealogist does not provide research services, but will attempt to answer Clan Member questions about making contributions to, or accessing heritage files in the Clan Ramsay Genealogy data base.

Clan Ramsay Genealogist

Nancy Miller
5268 Albright Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Additional Resources

Anyone wishing to contract with a certified genealogist in the United States should consult one of the following:

Board for Certification of Genealogists

PO Box 14291
Washington, DC 20044

Association of Professional Genealogists

PO Box 40393
Denver, Colorado 80204-0393

Association of Scottish Genealogists & Record Agents (ASGRA)

PO Box 174
Edinburgh, EH3 SQZ UK

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The Ramsay/Ramsey DNA Project

DNA testing is a new and exciting tool for genealogists. It enables people to get an idea of how closely they are related to those of the same last name. The Ramsey/Ramsay DNA Project focuses on testing males of the last name Ramsey or Ramsay. The results are compiled together with the results from other Ramsey/Ramsay males and we get an idea of who is related to whom, and ultimately we can link different lines together. But to do that, the project needs lots of people to participate.


Anyone with the last name of Ramsay or Ramsey may request a free heritage evaluation prior to investing in a DNA test. With over 8,000 Ramsay Pedigree files in the sortable, private Ramsey/Ramsay data base, it may be possible to link your heritage file with Ramsey/Ramsay families already DNA tested. Not only will this help speed up your research, but it may save you the cost of the DNA test. If you are not currently a member of Clan Ramsay, you can find the membership application on our web site. Once we receive your application and pedigree chart, we will check to see if you have any “cousins” in our data base.

How do I participate?

Family Tree DNA sends out simple kits which involve rubbing the inside of the cheek of a male Ramsay with a small paper scraper which is then discharged into a small tube. Two such tubes are sent to the lab, where 37, 67 or even up to 111 positions on the Y chromosome are assessed according to the choice of the participant. The DNA fingerprint obtained can be compared to others in the Ramsey/Ramsay DNA Project, or to others of any surname held in the Family Tree DNA database. Confidentiality is an issue taken seriously, and your Family Tree DNA data is treated according to your wishes, both within the Family Tree DNA system and amongst Clan Ramsay and DNA project members. So far, many participants prefer to be fairly open, in order to gain the greatest advantage from exchanging information with others in the project. Visit Family Tree DNA for more information.

Contact our for more information.

Want to learn more?

We highly recommend Megan Smolenyak's book, Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Your DNA to Complete Your Family Tree. She is considered one of the foremost experts in using DNA for genealogical research.

Visit our Links page for sites with additional information.

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One-Name Study

The Ramsay/Ramsey One-Name Study represents a historical review of the surname's origin, development, and world-wide distribution; and, will maintain a searchable archive for Ramsay/Ramsey records. As research progresses, records will be added to expand the scope of the study. Included within the goals of The Ramsay One-Name Study is to make available a public record database as well as research aids to benefit and assist family historians and researchers alike. For further information and inquiries contact

For more information, please visit the one-name website.

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